Thursday, December 18, 2014

Derek and Jackie's Autumn Engagement Session, Central Park Fall Foliage Engagement Photography on Film

There are some couples that the moment I meet them I know we're meant to work together.  I fell in love a little bit with Jackie and Derek during our Fall engagement session- but really when you look at this gallery- who could blame me?  I knew Jackie really wanted some beautiful Fall colors and I was keeping my fingers crossed that the weather would hold up because this Fall has been crazy jumping from the mid 60's all the way down to the teens with lots of wind and rain battering all the pretty leaves.  However, on this gorgeous afternoon we totally lucked out and had a mild afternoon filled with sunshine and the most gorgeous red, yellow and orange leaves a California girl could dream of!  While I was shooting I was literally jumping up and down with glee repeating over and over again I can not wait to get this film back and it was worth the wait!  Downloading these scans may have resulted in an embarrassing little happy dance alone in my apartment.  Counting the days till their wedding next March!  See more of their session today on Style Me Pretty!
RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-01 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-02 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-03 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-04 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-05 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-07 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-06 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-08 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-09 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-010 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-011 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-012 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-0013 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-0014 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-015 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-016 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-017 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-018 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-019 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-020 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-021 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-022 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-023 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-024 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-025 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-026 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-027 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-028
Photographed on a Contax 645 on Kodak Portra 400, 800 and Ilford 3200.  Scanned and processed by Richard Photo Lab.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Coming Soon.... My Moon Brooklyn Wedding, Williamsburg Fine Art Wedding Photography

Jannie and Ivan were married on a beautiful Fall day at My Moon Restaurant in Williamsburg.  I had such a great time capturing their wedding day on film!  The day started with a beautiful tea ceremony then portraits in Prospect Park followed by a lovely ceremony and reception at My Moon in Brooklyn.

RYALE_MyMoon-001 RYALE_MyMoon-03 RYALE_MyMoon-04 RYALE_MyMoon-05 RYALE_MyMoon-07 RYALE_MyMoon-08 RYALE_MyMoon-09 RYALE_MyMoon-010 RYALE_MyMoon-011 RYALE_MyMoon-012 RYALE_MyMoon-013 RYALE_MyMoon-014
Venue: My Moon
Florist: Designs by Ahn
DJ: Kurt Borst
Bride's Dress: Oleg Cassini
Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Vera Wang
Bridesmaids Dresses: Donna Morgan
Hair and Kakeup: Makeup by Coco
Dessert: Sweet Buttons
Bubbletea: Celebritea Cafe
Invitations: Minted
Photographed on a Contax 645, Kodak Portra 400 and 800 and Ilford 3200, processed by Richard Photo Lab 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Diana and Gerry's Romantic Wedding at Gainey Vineyard, Santa Ynez Fine Art Wedding Photography

I had such a blast with Diana and Gerry at their gorgeous and fun-filled California vineyard wedding!  The day was full of elegant and glamorous touches while still embracing the rustic vineyard setting in Santa Ynez.  The bride sparkled in her rhinestoned Jimmy Choo’s and Kate Spade earrings while the groom looked sharp in his bespoke blue suit.  The couple’s favorite movie is Up so they incorporated the brightly colored balloons into their reveal before the ceremony and the bride surprised the groom with a very special “Ellie Badge” grape soda bottle cap pin from the movie.  Watching the golden hour light shine through the great big California Oak Trees while Diana and Gerry embraced each other under a bouquet of brightly colored balloons was one of those surreal moments that make my heart skip a beat and make me so appreciative of how friggin cool my job is!  The Jersey natives made the day extra special by bringing their dogs along to California and they were dressed for the occasion in a bowtie and tutu.  The couple said their vows under a beautiful California oak tree as the sun set behind them lighting up the Santa Ynez Mountains.  After the intimate ceremony guests danced the warm summer evening away under rows of bulb lights strung up in the courtyard next to the vineyard.  This wedding had me wanting to pack my bags and move back to CA for good!  See more from their wedding on Style Me Pretty today!

RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-001 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-01a RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-01b RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-02 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-03 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-04 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-05 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-06 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-07 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-08 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-09 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-010 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-011 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-012 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-013 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-014 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-015 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-016 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-017 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-018 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-019 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-019a RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-020 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-021 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-022 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-024 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-025 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-027 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-028 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-029 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-030 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-031 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-032RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-033 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-034 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-026 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-035 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-036 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-037 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-038 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-039 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-040 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-042 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-043 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-044 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-045 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-046 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-048 RYALE_GaineyVineyard_Wedding-047
Venue: Gainey Vineyard
Florist: Passion Flowers
Invitations: AMK Designs
Hair and Makeup: TEAM Hair and Makeup
Officiant: Jerry Bellamy
Hotel: Wine Valley Inn
Cake: Solvang Bakery
Wedding Dress: Jim Hjelm from the Bridal Garden
Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Jewelry: Kate Spade
Groom's Suit: My Suit
Groom's Tie: Thomas Pink
Second Shooter: Danielle Rose Photography
Shot on Kodak Portra 400 and 800 and Ilford 3200 on Contax 645, processing by Richard Photo Lab
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